The Good Minus are an all-singing, instrument-swapping power trio. Their songs feature intricate three-part vocal harmonies with a style described as Grizzly Bear reimagining the songs of Elbow. 

Matt Welch, David Kean and Stu Hazelman blend wildly different influences to create multi-layered arrangements, with obscure yet groove-laden time signatures.

Their debut album was released in October 2019.

"Rich with vocal harmonies and multi-layered arrangements, the release breathes new life into angular prog pop."

"(The Good Minus) have succeeded in creating a perfect indie song.” 

- We Love That Sound 

  “A gorgeous piece with faultless production and a great sonic mix of musicians… a stunning piece of work.”

- Ultraviolet 

  "Lush harmonies…. Johnny Greenwood/Radiohead-esque lead guitar parts.” 

- Divide and Conquer Music  

  “Post-rock or math rock…. you'll gather within a few seconds that these are intricate arrangements that suggest a cerebral mind behind them… folky voices emerged and did nothing to knock the gracious momentum off its stride. A strong live presence going by this showing, a real band in the throes of creation.” 

- Mp3Hugger