As if Grizzly Bear were reimagining the songs of Television, The Good Minus bring you their own inventive take on angular prog-pop. Matt Welch, David Kean and Stu Hazelman blend wildly different influences to create multi-layered arrangements, with three-part vocal harmonies and obscure yet groove-laden time signatures. 

The Good Minus’ new single features intricate instrumentation, hypnotic melodies and three part vocal harmonies. It was recorded and mixed by David Kean at Tender Trap Studios, and mastered by the world-renowned Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York.  

 "Wonderful" was released on June the 14th at The Old Bar, Fitzroy with support sets by J. Walker (Machine Translations) and The Chris Pickering Experiment. 

 The song is distributed online through AWAL and available through iTunes and Bandcamp: 

They are working towards recording, performing and releasing a full length album later in 2018. 

"(The Good Minus) have succeeded in creating a perfect indie song.” 

- We Love That Sound 

  “A gorgeous piece with faultless production and a great sonic mix of musicians… a stunning piece of work.”

- Ultraviolet 

  "Lush harmonies…. Johnny Greenwood/Radiohead-esque lead guitar parts.” 

- Divide and Conquer Music  

  “Post-rock or math rock…. you'll gather within a few seconds that these are intricate arrangements that suggest a cerebral mind behind them… folky voices emerged and did nothing to knock the gracious momentum off its stride. A strong live presence going by this showing, a real band in the throes of creation.” 

- Mp3Hugger